Welcome on EQOES.nl the homebase of Techno DJ’s & Producers Rob and Joris!


Beuningman Groesbeek

On the 7th of Oktober we’ve performed live on Beuningman in Groesbeek.
We even had our own visuals with us.

Encounters New Release

This was our contribution to the NEW contest 2022, a remake of one of our first tracks, released back in 2018. We added some Moog and other synthesizers and of course turned up the BPM

EQOES op PikPop 2022


EQOES staat weer Live op #pikpop2022 samen met vlnr:  @nobreakfastgoodbye #kitchenfloorboys @thenamelessnijmegen1 @blackburnedblimp @eqoestechno & #acousticzombiechoir 🎶🔥🍻♨️
EQOES: 21:45 – 22:30 op NOG Stage

Mixtape broadcast BPM Radio 2021

On saturday 13th of November our mixtape will be broadcasted on the air by BMP Dance radio.

Release Mixtape

It took a bit too long but finally we’ve released our Mixtape Live session.
You can listen to it on SoundCloud

Silent ?

Are we still there ?

Yes we are.
At the moment we’re developing a new Techno set with a lot of new devices.
We’ve bought an Moog Grand Mother, Roland SH01A, Behringer TD3.
To add these devices in our new set takes time but we’re managing it.

We’re busy creating an end to our set.
You can listen to a pieceof the new set on our SoundCloud